Box type filter plate
The box type filter plate is a solid structure, consisting of two adjacent sunken filter plates arranged to form a filter chamber. The two sides of the filter plate are concave, and every two filter plates are combined to form a box type filter chamber. The outer surface of the filter plate has grooves, and the protruding parts are used to support the filter cloth. The filter cloth is fixed on each filter plate, and the main characteristics are low loss during feeding, fast filtering speed, high temperature and high pressure resistance, good sealing performance, uniform cleaning of the filter cake, low water content, and easy replacement of the filter cloth, Widely applicable.

The feeding method of the box filter plate is mainly the middle feeding method, and some adopt different feeding methods according to different working conditions, such as upper feeding, corner feeding, and double head feeding. There are two types of liquid discharge methods: open flow and dark flow, and washing methods: washable and non washable.