Vehicle-mounted integrated filter press
Vehicle mounted integrated filter press, also known as vehicle mounted filter press or vehicle mounted filter press, is a solid-liquid separation equipment that is easy to move in vehicles. This equipment greatly improves the traditional box type filter press, integrating multiple advantages such as low investment cost, high dehydration efficiency, small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance.

Vehicle mounted integrated filter press is widely used in sand slurry dewatering, water washed sand slurry dewatering, mine tailings dewatering, pile driving slurry dewatering, pile driving slurry water separation, ceramic sludge dewatering, papermaking sludge dewatering, textile printing and dyeing sludge dewatering, urban sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering, slaughtering meat processing sludge dewatering, kaolin dewatering, alumina sludge dewatering, pile foundation engineering mud dewatering, stone processing sludge dewatering Various types of industrial wastewater sludge dewatering applications include wood processing sludge dewatering, leather processing sludge dewatering, food processing sludge dewatering, electroplating circuit board sludge dewatering, river sludge dewatering, coal washing tailings dewatering, etc.